Thursday, April 15, 2010

25 occasions for giving chocolate roses

When someone has...
    1.    had a baby
    2.    become engaged
    3.    graduated
    4.    been accepted for a promotion
    5.    found their first job
    6.    celebrated an anniversary without their spouse
    7.    just helped their last child leave home
    8.    had a hard time lately and could use some inspirational gifts
    9.    finished their PhD
    10.    won a competition
    11.    got home from holiday in Spain
    12.    moved house
    13.    paid off their mortgage
    14.    got a new car
    15.    lost their long-loved pet
    16.    turned 21
    17.    found a girlfriend/boyfriend
    18.    to say Happy Easter
    19.    to say Merry Christmas
    20.    got a new hairstyle
    21.    sung at their first concert
    22.    finished renovating their house
    23.    just to say “I love you”
    24.    to put in a vase in their house before they get home from their honeymoon
    25.    to celebrate having sold their house

Why not even consider getting yourself a set of wholesale chocolate roses, I’m not joking.  They are cheaper to buy in bulk, they keep for a reasonably long time and they do make an ideal gift for all sorts of occasions.  Paired with a tasteful greeting card with a pre-written message or a hand-written message composed by yourself, a chocolate rose can really say “thinking of you” in a surprising and an unusual way.

See if you can come up with some more reasons for giving a chocolate rose.  You might want to include one in a small gift basket to make up for a friend who is in hospital, or for your grandmother to take home (she comes to visit only once a year).  Can you put a chocolate rose in a bunch of real flowers as a bit of a surprise?  (Maybe mention it to the recipient so that he/she doensn’t overlook it and leave the “bunch” in the sun!)

A nice idea to put forward if you work on the board of a school, to arrange for each graduate this year to receive a chocolate rose along with their graduation certificate.  Alternatively, if you are a student of an institution, could you arrange for the student counsel board to give a chocolate rose to each member of teaching staff at the end of year assembly?  They would surely not be expecting it, and it would be a sweet (literally) way to round off the year and have everyone leave on a good note.

A neighbour who has just moved in could appreciate a “Welcome to the neighbourhood” notecard along with a few groceries they may have overlooked in the house move such as milk, bread, butter and a bunch of lettuce or other fresh vegetable or fruit perhaps from your own garden.  A chocolate rose tied to the handle of the basket is sure to show your neighbours that you want to be on good terms and get the “consequential relationship” off to a good start.

Many ways to say many things with a simple chocolate rose.  I hope you try out one of these ideas, or one of your own, today!

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