Thursday, April 15, 2010

Give the best of both worlds with chocolate roses

Trying to decide between giving some chocolate or giving roses?  Agonise no more; you can get beautiful chocolate roses for all occasions and give the best of both worlds at once!

Pink, red, white, milk or dark chocolate roses, chocolate flowers such as tulips and lilies, long stemmed chocolate roses, foil wrapped chocolate roses, chocolate clay roses, wholesale and gift boxed chocolate roses, there is a type for every occasion - you will not be stuck for a gift again when you combine the two timeless presents of the rose and the chocolate.

Pink and red chocolate roses are always a surprise.  Made from varying ingredients ranging from chocolate fondue, coloured white chocolate or a mixture called “chocolate plastic” - definitely no actual plastic in them, so don’t worry! - they are coloured the desired shade of blushing pink or red and then carefully moulded, usually by hand, into fine-shaped roses and other flowers.  Some chocolate roses are instead poured into moulds and set, these may come packaged in a box a little like the chocolate seashells that are so popular today also.  The rose delicacies are then either wrapped carefully in foil, inserted onto long elegant stems to be used in a chocolate rose arrangement, or presented in a beautiful box.

Just imagine surprising a loved one with a tasteful arrangement of both chocolate roses and real roses.  The scent is heavenly and makes for a slightly different gift to the everyday normal box of chocolates, or a regular bunch of flowers.  The delight of being able to actually eat some of the flowers will make it a memorable and fun present.

Some chocolate roses are so unbelievably lifelike that you will have difficulty telling the actual flowers from the chocolate flowers.  The will have subtlety of colour in the petals and bud and they will be attached to lifelike stems with very convincing leaves with real-looking veins.

Some chocolate rose makers even go so far as to imbue the chocolate itself with edible essential oils of rose (a very highly prized essential oil) to make a true connoiseur’s chocolate!  Others will include chocolate cream in the centre of the rose that is flavoured with rose essence or sometimes violet essence, a delicate flavour that adds a floral note to chocolate.

Chocolate roses often come as a dozen in a presentation vase, so that the receiver of your lovely gift will not need to find a vase to put them in.  They might even say, “Oh, thank you - a bunch of roses, how delightful!” and when they go to sniff the roses, they will be greeted with the surprise of a chocolate scent instead!  Perfect for a birthday or Christmas treat.

Thanks to Sister72 for the image.

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