Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sell wholesale chocolate roses in mens’ hobby stores

The first kind of store you might imagine to be selling chocolate roses would probably be a gift store, cards or specialty items, but why not think about having a stand of chocolate roses if you run a store than men are most likely to visit?  Fishing, tools, hardware, golf, knives, DIY, all stores that men are more likely to go to than women.  What if you had a small stand of chocolate roses near the counter, to encourage men to think of the special lady in their life when they’re picking something up for the weekend fishing trip, etc, on the way home?

You are likely to sell more chocolate roses to men than to women; women are more likely to see them in shops that they frequent and muse, “How will my boyfriend/husband ever see these?  Mmmm, how nice if he got me one!” so you will probably find your store gets invisible brownie points from the women too (even though it’s about fishing, or golf, etc) because when the huz gets home from his trip to this store, he brings her a rose, too.  Bingo!  Put a smile on everyone’s face, and this is good for business if - wink wink - the missus is more likely to encourage her man to go and get himself something for his hobby, if she knows that he is thinking of her, too, and not just about the next trout.  Or hole-in-one.

Wholesale chocolate roses can be bought in several ways.  First, you may want to buy the ones that come with a cardboard fold-out stand that you can put together quickly so that you get them up and running fast on your store’s front counter.  These can look very nice and shiny en masse and it draws the eye to them in an effective and simple way, which is important when selling things like this to guys because they are less likely to notice stuff like roses when they are thinking about other things!

Make it really obvious where you sell them and that they are for sale.  This is especially true if you are presenting single long-stemmed roses in a large vase.  Chocolate roses can sometimes be so convincing that the casual observer may think that they are real roses.  So put a big sign next to them or sticking out of the vase saying something clear and easy to read such as, “Why not take one of these chocolate roses home to your honey? Only $5 each” or something like this.

I hope you have fun ordering and selling wholesale chocolate roses to the guys who shop at your store!

Thanks to Anyaka for the image.

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