Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pairing chocolate roses with another item to make a personalised gift

  • Chocolate roses along with personalised chocolates for the ultimate gift for a chocoholic friend
  • Placed with a book on gardening for a friend with a green thumb and a love of reading.
  • Tucked inside a rolled-up baby blanket for a baby shower gift.
  • Placed in the arms of a homemade doll for a memorable and well-received little girl’s birthday present.
  • Thrown at the wedding instead of a bunch of flowers: for those who don’t want to follow the tradition of saying that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next to be married - instead those who catch the roses can eat them and be free and merry instead!  (There will be plenty of food around on the day so nobody need be jealous!)
  • A single long-stemmed chocolate rose with an iTunes gift card tied to the stem.
  • A chocolate rose tucked inside a map of the world for a budding new student at high school or university.
  • Stuck through an Advent wreath on the door of a loved friend, along with a Christmas card, when they were out of the house.
  • Along with a greeting card as a way of thanking the neighbour who helped you take your sick child in to A&E when your spouse was away and you were beside yourself.
  • A small box of chocolate roses mixed in with other nostalgic items such as a leather-bound notebook, hand-knitted socks, a little photo album, a nice pen, an envelope full of hand-written going-away letters from friends and family a for a son or daughter leaving home to join the navy or army.
  • A gift for your spouse on a Friday evening after the kids have gone to bed - paired with a kiss (or something more)!  ;)

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